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So, am I just getting a 5 minute video from this?

Erm, absolutely not! You are getting a 4-6 min highlight film of your day, yes, as well as a 1min version for social media sharing. BUT ALSO, you are getting fully edited coverage of your ceremony, speeches and first dance too (elements can be swapped or added i.e. the first hora). When you have a chat with us, let us know if you'd like to to see an example and we'll gladly send you a private link to a ceremony or speeches film so you can what they look like. We also have the optional extra of an extended highlight which is between10-15mins long. You do not need to book the extended highlight with your initial booking, it can be a lovely First Wedding Anniversary present to each other - if you are considering it however, it is always useful for us to know before your wedding day.

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What dictates how many hours we need you for?

Well, you do...But beyond that, the timings of your day and which parts you want covered. You may be having a 2pm ceremony, with a 4pm wedding breakfast and then you're starting off the party with your first dance at 7pm. If this is the case, we'll need to be setting up for the ceremony at 1:30pm, and then to allow for the timings to run a little late and for people to get tipsy enough to start dancing, we'd probably suggest we stay till 7:30pm. So that's the 6 hour Beverly package right there. Now, what if you want the Bride and Groom prep to be included? Typically this will add 2 hours assuming you're both within 10 mins of each other and the ceremony location. Now the 8 hour Griffin Package would suit best. 
The above is just an example to help you though, we discuss this heaps during the first meeting so you don't need to come to us with this already figured out! 

Do you film outside of Somerset?

Yes! We film nationally, even internationally - we're actually scheming to renovate an old Ford Transit into a camper so we can film anywhere in Europe (England included, thanks!) and have accommodation sorted. In the meantime, if you're more than 2 hours from Somerset then we ask for one night's accommodation to be covered. If you're marrying abroad then we ask for either our flights or accomodation to be covered and we'll figure out the rest. 

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Do you use drones?

Our style is specifically candid, and drones don't really fit into that. We tend to find that the hour we spend getting those drone shots would be much better spent focusing on what's happening on the ground with you and your wedding guests. If this is a must for you, however, it can be arranged as an extra.

Can we meet you before the day?

We'd certainly love to meet you! This is a collaboration between us and you, so we think it's really important that we get to know each other and make sure we're a good fit. We're based in East Chinnock in Somerset where you're more than welcome to come visit us in our little house and have a cuppa or G&T (be rude not to, really). If it would work better for you, we're also happy to come to you or meet half way at a bar/cafe. If you're a little further flung we can set up a group call.

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How long till we get see our film?

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We try to get the first edit out to you within 6 - 8 weeks, usually sooner, depends how deep in the season we are! After this, you get three rounds of edits to your highlight, and in the meantime, we're beavering away preparing your special features, i.e the ceremony and speeches. Once it's all done and everybody's happy, we will upload all the films onto your own private webpage where you can then view and download them.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

Tye would say 'No', Gaby would definitely say 'Yes', and as it's Gaby writing this...We're with you for the whole day, so if you could arrange for a bowl of chips to be thrown our way at some point it would be much appreciated!