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A little taster


Will and Cally's happy-go-lucky, summer wedding at Symondsbury Estate in Dorset. We started at the ceremony for this day, so no bride or groom prep, and were meant to finish a bit after the first dance, but the party was too entertaining to leave, hence the slightly unruly dancing shots. 

CEREMONY & RECEPTION VENUE: Symondsbury Estate Weddings //

PHOTOGRAPHY: Peppermint Love Photography


Polly and James's whirlwind of a wedding in East Sussex. For this day we mixed it up and started with bride prep, then went to groom prep, which ended up being more just us walking with James and his ushers to the church through the gorgeous village of West Firle. Another wedding where we were meant to leave shortly after the first dance, but ended up staying till the sparkler exit because it was all a little too fun.


Yes, those are Australian accents. This is from a wedding we did while visiting our home town, Melbourne, back in November last year. A modern ceremony for the most part, but with the ancient tradition of hand-fasting performed by the matriarchs of the family mixed in. The main aim of including this film in our examples, is to show you the difference in editing and shot choices between out Special Features and Highlights as we're creating a film that runs in real time. 

CEREMONY & RECEPTION VENUE: The Substation, Melbourne //

PHOTOGRAPHY: Wild Romantic Photography

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