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Gaby and Tye are seasoned professionals in the creative world; Tye working in film for the past 15 years and Gaby for the past 10 in visual art and graphic design.

In 2018 they got married and moved from Melbourne, Australia to Somerset, England to start a life that allows them to put all their energy into their business and puppy (now rather large dog!), Beverly Crusher...gosh, and we've had a baby now too! 




G and T films is a merging of absolute skill in film and free-flowing creativity through art, creating films that exist beyond the confines the typical trope. With us, your wedding won’t be squished into a fashionable cookie cutter. It is free to fit the form that best describes you and your day. You want rock ‘n’ roll kitsch – let’s do it! You want chic splendour – we can be cool. More sweet and modest? – we’ll whisper with you.

Bespoke is a word that gets bandied about a lot in the wedding industry, but we like to think that we’ve really run with the concept. Gaby’s years of experience in art and design means there can be so many handmade elements to your film, from the opening titles to animated overlays (really whatever makes the film hum to your tune). 

Tye’s years of filming in both wedding and commercial settings means he knows how to do more than just document your day, he’ll wheedle out those moments you thought only you noticed and about a million more you missed in the blur.

Feeling intrigued and want to talk shop about your wedding? Us too! Flick us an email and let's get the ball rolling.

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